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ACE Vacuum Cleaner System

by Ruby Kamerbeek

Discover the newest and most cost-effective vacuum cleaner area ever made

After a development period of two years and a whole series of prototypes, the time has finally come: the new standard for vacuum cleaner areas has been launched. Together with supplier Formula Air, ACE raises the bar with this new vacuum cleaner area. We’ll tell you all about it.

Watch the videotour of the vacuuum cleaner-area
Until recently the vacuum cleaner area has been left behind in the innovation battle

Ruby Kamerbeek from ACE tells us about how the idea came to life: “The vacuum cleaner area has remained untouched for a long time. There was the standard way with a conduit pipe, to which all vacuum cleaners were connected. That one suction machine was always on. A bit further, outside of the area, there was a tire inflator and the other machines were a short walk away. Two years ago we thought it has taken long enough and we started thinking about how things could be done differently and, above all, better. For the customers, but also for the entrepreneurs,” says Ruby.

Each location has its own column, which you can construct tailor-made for your car wash
We worked towards a sleek aluminum column that looks like it’s from a Science Fiction film. The units can be supplied in any desired RAL color and offer an all-in-one solution, in which all options that can be found in a vacuum cleaner area are merged in one column. Everything in one place right next to your car: a big improvement for customers. There are so many advantages for car wash entrepreneurs, Ruby explains: “we used to receive separate wishes for the vacuum areas for all the different machines. That obviously costs a lot. Now you can purchase whole units and choose what you want in them. If you need a tire inflator, you can put it in. If you don’t want it, we leave it out. No hassle at all, or you can even install it later. You can always keep upgrading and adjusting the unit.”

The advantages for the entrepreneur are in energy savings and extra sales
Traditionally, a vacuum cleaner area is not a profit generator. The service is often offered free of charge, sometimes with a time limit. To recoup the investment of the future-proof columns of ACE is certainly possible: “We work with three motors that adjust in steps. If a car comes to a column, a sensor detects it. As soon as the driver presses a button, the engine starts working. So when all columns are empty, the engine is no longer running. This ensures enormous energy savings, in times when energy is the vacuum cleaner of your bank account. In addition, it is of course also a huge sustainability benefit,” he says.

With contactless payment, customers can purchase wipes and/or perfumes at every column.
But not only energy saving is the way to make money: “There is a system for contactless payment with your card or telephone. The combination of proximity and easy payment ensures a lower threshold to buy things from the kiosk. As a result, the consumer makes these expenses easier. You can also, for example, place two kiosks at a gas station, to still have to pay for vacuum time. Because the technology is included, all options are possible.” says Ruby enthusiastically. And not unimportantly: there are two vacuum hoses on each unit, left and right, which are controlled separately and have to be activated with a push button. For example, the customer does not have to cross the roof with a hose, you only use the side that you actually vacuum and the motor only switches on when the customer presses the button.

Each column has bright LED lighting and its own container

The fact that a central motor is not constantly running is good for energy costs, but also for the ears of the user. In addition, each column has its own collection container for the suction waste, instead of one central container. This way you don’t have to empty once a day, but only once every two weeks.” Ruby explains. And the column can also be used well in the evening. Each unit has LED lights at a 45-degree angle, so you can clearly see the inside of your car while cleaning.

Everything can be monitored perfectly, thanks to smart control with touch screen display
The pipes are in a concrete container, which is placed under the ground. And after installation,
ACE will keep an eye out: “the units themselves are made of aluminum and are very maintenance-friendly. The motors are very easy to monitor via the touch screen display on the control box. Everything can be viewed and managed in this way.” ACE can also easily monitor if there is a malfunction. “We then automatically receive a notification at the office. With this functionality we can fix or at least signal almost anything remotely.”
Curious what it really looks like? Or do you have other questions?

The first version of the vacuum area can be seen in Hulst, at Fox Autowas. The latest version, the version that will be delivered if you order it now, is at Carwash Uden. And from mid-January 2023, the 3rd location can be seen at Carwash Schijndel. For more information, please call ACE +31 850 718 365 or send an email to info@ace-europe.nl.

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