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Smart innovations that change the industry

Most innovations in the car wash industry come from our own ACE LAB. This makes us a proud partner and advisor to hundreds of car wash owners and new entrepreneurs who are about to open a car wash. Together with Holz and our other suppliers, we are constantly looking at how we can make existing technology even better, and we market innovations that push the boundaries for both entrepreneurs and customers.

Previous ACE innovations that took the industry to the next level

Express car wash:

Thanks to an innovative application of technology, pre-treatment with a high-pressure cleaner is obsolete. Cars can now be washed even faster and less staff is needed.

Converting existing buildings into a car wash:

Previously, a new car wash meant a new building needed to be built. But thanks to custom-made technology, that is a thing of the past. Existing buildings in prime locations can now be made suitable for opening a car wash.

Free vacuuming:

By adopting a full service approach in which vacuuming is offered free of charge, we have customers who come back more often.

Interior cleaning belt:

ACE was the first to build and develop all the technology for an interior cleaning belt in the Netherlands. It truly is a masterpiece that entrepreneurs and customers need to see and experience. A service that customers come back for, time and time again.

Payment via vending machines and license plate recognition:

By making payment easy and efficient, more people can go through the car wash per hour. Thanks to smart innovations like the use of QR codes, license plate recognition, and contactless payment, fewer staff is needed.

Innovations we are currently working on

Car washes for larger vehicles:

Currently, larger vehicles are still often washed by hand. This is time consuming and labor-intensive. We want to change that by developing car wash technology that is tailored to buses, trucks and campers.

Revolutionary new vacuum cleaner area:

Having car wash vacuum cleaners running all day is not sustainable or optimal for energy consumption. Together with our technical draftsman, we are working hard to develop a revolutionary concept in which the vacuum cleaner only switches on when there is a car present. This will drastically reduce consumption.

Further reduction of water consumption

Our technology already reuses 90% of water, and we plan to reduce this even further. Innovation in this area is a continuous process. Eventually, only 25 liters of water will be used per car, but we will, of course, strive for even less.

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Customer experience that customers come back for

User experience is becoming increasingly important. A car wash is about creating a special experience and an exciting customer journey. This is done by focusing on how the customer arrives at the car wash, goes through it, and comes out again. A complete, unique experience is an important contribution to customer satisfaction and creates a high goodwill factor for your business. ACE provides many unique ideas and the matching technology to create a distinctive customer experience. We do this with, among others, lava arches, polish arches, unique LED lighting, TV screens and countdown lights. We can incorporate these into new constructions and add them to existing car washes. Our inspiration often comes from the United States and by looking around at other sectors in which user experience is of high importance.

A first impression not to be forgotten

The customer’s first impression is often determined by the first employees they see. This is also an essential part of the customer experience. Appearance, enthusiasm, substantive knowledge and a pleasant way of communicating are all essential. The Education & Training department can provide support through coaching on the job.


Sustainability is indispensable, even in the car wash industry. The current energy prices make this especially important. We are constantly working to further reduce water and energy consumption for a better environment and better return on investment. So it’s a win-win situation.

Water saving:

We only add water that cannot be recycled. This is possible because we continuously innovate our water purification technology. You are able to wash again with water that has been cleaned, it’s as simple as that. The aim is to add a maximum of 25 liters of water per car. Less is more.

Energy saving:

There are also numerous initiatives in this area. Our standard is LED lighting and we are working on technology that will only run vacuum cleaners when necessary. We reduce power peaks by using frequency-controlled motors. Also, by not having everything switched on to maximum capacity all the time, usage can be controlled.

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