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Passion for car washes is in our DNA

Mark de Graaf founded ACE in 1995 because of his love of helping people, passion for car wash technology, and wanting to create the most optimal customer experience. As a part-time job in addition to his studies at the Technical University in Delft, he worked at a car wash. His evenings were spent programming control systems for car washes, which at that time were still completely mechanical. It was during this time that the intensive and exclusive cooperation with the Holz brothers, who are recognized by the industry as the best car wash manufacturer worldwide, started.
Proud entrepreneurs and satisfied customers, that’s what drives us

After his studies, Mark, who is also the founder and owner of BOB Autowas, remained infected with the car wash virus and became one of the Dutch car wash industry pioneers. Together with Sebastiaan & Xamira van der Burg and a team of passionate mechanics, they have set up leading car washes at 170 locations in the Netherlands, something that the entrepreneurs are very proud of. Customers are coming back time and time again for that moment of happiness: having their car come out sparkling clean.

An open company culture where everyone feels at home

Sebastaan and Xamira have been working at ACE for decades. They took over the day-to-day management and ownership from Mark in 2018. Sebastiaan, who first started his career at ACE as a mechanic, has now built over a 100 car washes and worked with Mark for years advising and supporting entrepreneurs wanting to start a car wash. He is now in charge of managing the commercial and technical team consisting of 13 passionate mechanics. Xamira started 16 years ago as an administrative assistant. She fulfilled various roles within the company and has formed the basis of having an open and transparent corporate culture with short lines of communication and plenty of room for development and training. She manages the colleagues in the office and creates a culture where hard work is combined with a whole lot of fun. Altogether, she created a place where everyone feels at home.

Market leader and proud partner of hundreds of car wash entrepreneurs
We have evolved from building machines to being a supplier of innovative total concepts. Under-promise and over-deliver is of extreme importance to us. We think along with entrepreneurs from the perspective of technology, and put an emphasis on the facets that contribute to a profitable business. We are now the market leader in car wash concepts and the exclusive supplier of the Holz and PECO brands. Most innovations in the industry come from our own ACE LAB. This makes us a proud partner to and advisor of hundreds of starting entrepreneurs and car wash owners.

Car washes built

We are ready to help you grow your business with satisfied customers
At home and abroad, we are continually building car washes in different countries. The ambition is to be present in at least 10 different countries within 10 years together with our customers. With our team of 23 enthusiastic colleagues, we are always ready to help your company grow further with sustainable and innovative technology, providing a unique experience for your customers.

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