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The best
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The highest quality with innovative technology from Holz

We have been working with the German Holz brothers, a family business that has specialized in car wash technology, for the past 25 years. Because they also operate their own car washes, any technical optimization and innovation they develop is tested and immediately implemented by us.

Stainless steel parts that last for decades

All frames and mounting materials are made of stainless steel. As a result, they not only have a very long lifespan, but are also low-maintenance and extremely strong. This saves costs both short and long term.

Hydraulic drive for the best wash power

Hydraulic drive is extremely reliable, has a long service life and ensures smooth movement. This gives an added amount of power to the carwash while also being easy to maintain.


We only use textile all over our brushes for the best results

This ensures the best cleaning power and ultimately the best result for the customer. This technique is applied to the entire car, including the roof. We are the only company in the world that uses textile to wash the roof.

Sustainable technology on all fronts

The car washes we built 25 years ago are still running optimally. Anac in Nijmegen and Excellent car wash in Osdorp are living proof of our reliability. We also work with energy-saving controls for less power consumption and intelligent water management, saving the amount of water and detergents used. Meanwhile, 90% of the water is already being reused which is better for the environment and your return on investment.

Reliability pays off

Due to innovative technology and stainless steel parts, the required maintenance work, even with the long service life of the machine, is minimal. If a part is defective, smart control ensures that the machine continues washing as usual. In the unlikely event that a machine comes to a standstill, we guarantee it will be running again in no time – and that pays off.

Fast? 200cars per hour, that’s fast!

A speed of up to 20 meters per minute is possible with our chain belt technology. This means that 200 cars per hour can go through the car wash. Not only that, but your customers will also be at the end of the car wash with a clean, dry car in as little as 5 minutes!

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